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Ajax [33]. The game is played in teams of varying size, and fits well as a party game for larger crowds. Poker Nations Cup. Its main function, though, is to tilt other players. So called due to the commercial airline's acronym and logo, AA the aces are of different colors to mimic the AA logo [35]. Tent , Mites and Lice, [] Nits and Lice []. Well-known Magic: The Gathering artifact card with power of five and toughness of three. Explanation mistakes meaning the explainer uses the word to be explained, part of it, or a derivative of it , and words passed over without being guessed take points away. The most commonly accepted source of the nickname is that many years ago, before Rec. Episode 5. In poker, the hammer is defined as the last position the cut-off , particularly when you're heads-up. When I showed him that , he said, "What the hell were you drawing at there, Cowboy? Looks like mountains, from Mat Rampson [33]. Is there a more apt poker nickname in the game? Convenience Store Straight, Honeymoon in Vegas if it loses, based off a scene from the movie of the same name. A reference to Queen Elizabeth II. The home of all-you-can-eat King Crab [33]. He won the WSOP with this hand [33]. Joe, "NasaLies" on Global Poker. Union 76 gas stations [33]. (1-800-342-7377)

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